We are Proud to Introduce Phytologica

We have investigated all types of scientific research completed to date on the plant based products we offer.  We work with the top scientists in the world to determine the active natural sources for our products that work synergistically with the human body. 

Our first product line is Pharmaceutical grade, organically grown and manufactured from a chemically complex plant called Hemp in its active, full spectrum purest form involving no pesticides, herbicides, chemicals, heavy metals, solvents or harsh processing methods. 

Salus Nutraceuticals’ PhytoLogica products are manufactured in a voluntarily registered facility. We strive to achieve the highest quality in our finished products and to prevent materials from being adulterated or contaminated.  Thus, we have established manufacturing controls that meet or exceed current Good Manufacturing Practices.

Salus Nutraceuticals require a Certificates of Analysis for all raw material used in our formulations as well as testing specifications and limits for heavy metals, pesticides and bio-burdens. The Salus Nutraceuticals products are packaged for freshness and purity. With proper storage, the shelf life of our products are 2 years.

Always store PhytoLogica products away from direct exposure to air, moisture, heat and light to preserve freshness and purity.  All of our formulas are free of coloring, pharmaceuticals, preservatives and sugar.

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