Meet Our Founder

Heather Atwell


Heather Atwell is our Founder and President of Salus Nutraceuticals leading us into the world of alternative natural health solutions.

Ms. Atwell has extensive experience and a very strong passion for natural medicine and the amazing ability to heal ourselves with the tools nature has given us. She is a Certified Cancer Health Coach as well as an entrepreneur who has helped many people fight cancer either completely naturally or adjunctive to conventional therapies to heal their bodies from within.

She believes in a mind, body, spirit holistic approach to overall health, but first and foremost, it’s what we put into our bodies that can make or break us that is extremely important. She has done extensive research on the very special plants on this earth that are here to assist the human body in restoring, repairing, and balancing our bodies.

Ms. Atwell is very impressed by the many benefits of the hemp plant and the science behind it, thus why it is our first plant product to launch. However, she plans to launch many other plant based products very soon.

Her mission is to provide the very best quality and purity of the important medicinal plant elements in their most organic, bioavailable and pure form to as many people as possible around the world.

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