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Providing Natural Health Solutions

Salus Nutraceuticals is a USA based privately owned, plant based dietary supplement company addressing the health and wellness needs of all people at every age. We offer alternative natural and organic solutions backed by science that work synergistically with human biology to the millions of people throughout the world who want to improve or prevent health ailments and be well.


We are very passionate about the science behind our plant based products we offer and all the research that goes into showing how they help and support the human body. We will do our best to help you understand how they work without going against Food and Drug Administration (FDA) rules and regulations on what we can and cannot say.


The purity of the plant and the process of which it’s been grown is most important to us. All of our products are manufactured in its pure and organic form, under current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP), meeting pharmaceutical standards to achieve the highest quality possible.


The method of administration and how our products are absorbed into the blood stream in human body is critical to us as many dietary supplements are poorly absorbed in our bodies. Most dietary supplements unfortunately do not circulate at required amounts for required times in our blood and eventually get excreted through the kidneys, liver and sweat without showing any systemic effects.

Salus Nutraceuticals takes pride in our science based approach in addressing this very issue by ensuring that our products are provided to our customers in a form that ensures the maximum absorption possible.

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